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29th November 2006

2:45am: well i haven't updated in forever!!
myspace is the devil. it takes all my time away from lj which is why i never update. i think most people have converted to myspace anyway. so charles is 5 1/2 months old now. he's small for his age because he had some problems in the first 2 months. he weighs 10 pounds even and is 23 1/2 inches long. for the first 2 months he never weighed more than 6 lbs 9 oz. so he went into the hospital and had a feeding tube put in and some surgery to correct the anatomical problems with his airway so now he's doing pretty good. alot better than he was. so on to the pictures shall we....
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3rd January 2006

7:18pm: well i guess it's safe to make the announcement.......
i'm pregnant! i waited to tell alot of people until i got past my first trimester and now i'm past it so i think that everything is going to be fine. i will be 14 weeks tomorrow.

i've already had 3 sonograms and everytime everything has been fine. i had my last one on friday and the baby had grown so much since my previous one a month earlier! i couldn't believe how much bigger it was.

jesse is so freakin excited. he's always playing with my stomach and rubbing on it. i'm not showing a whole lot but when i lift my shirt up you can see a little bit of belly. i can't wait to find out what it is. i'm pretty sure jesse wants a girl. he says that no matter what it is, it's his and that all i get to do is carry it for 9 months and after that it's all his. i was like " yeah ok buddy! i'll remember that at three in the morning when you tell me it's my turn to get up". lol

anywho we're both really really excited. my due date is July 5th.

i'm gonna try to keep updating at least monthly to let everyone know whats been going on and how things are progressing. later!
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2nd June 2005

12:47am: I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

hopefully everything goes ok with this one. i calculated it online and i'm 4 weeks pregnant and my due date is February 7th. (i think that's what it was?!?!) i have to go to the doctor tuesday and get a positive test from them and then make my first ob/gyn appointment. i would go tomorrow but i work tomorrow, friday, sunday and monday so the first chance i'll get is on tuesday.

i'm not gonna tell most of my family until i'm like 10-12 weeks along just incase but my mom knows and i'm sure that my brothers know. jesse is scared. i guess he's afraid that the same thing will happen like last time but he's also terrified of being responsible of another human being. we're not gonna tell little jesse until we have our first sonogram.

anywho. i will keep everyone posted about what's going on. bye bye!!
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10th March 2005

7:37pm: BIG NEWS.......PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok...since i have told just about everyone that i wanted to tell in the family, i will share the news.........................


what a shock. i waited until jesse left for work on tuesday and took a home test and it came out positive and then i took one before he got home and it was positive. so i went on base today and had them do one and it came out positive. i went and had some lab work done today and i have to go for an appointment tomorrow. they had to call someone and cancel their appointment for tomorrow and fit me in since we are leaving on Sunday. i went ahead and picked up my prenatal vitamins at the pharmacy .

i told my parents, my son, my brother and his wife, my aunt uncle and cousin, my grandpa, my boss, and some other friends of mine. jesse's mom doesn't know yet cause we're gonna wait until we go in and take her and her fiance out to dinner and tell them since this will be her first granchild.

i was really shocked at first and now i'm like sooooo happy, and yet i still can't beleive it. so anyway i just thought that i would let everyone know..
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6th March 2005

11:37am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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